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Clyde Detention Tank

Project data

Location: Devon Meadows, Australia

This Detention Tank was built for a new estate at Clyde in the city of Casey Victoria, a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne.
The tank is used for waste water overflow, with dimensions of 13.650m x 9.350m and 5.3m high.
Using PERI TRIO allowed the massive tank to be poured full height (5.4m formed) in only two pours.


  • High quality finish
  • Cost -Effective
  • Easy to use system
  • Certified IFC Drawings


Land Engineering Pty Ltd

Benefit to customer

  • Large Panels allowing over 38m² to be lifted at one time.
  • Speed of erection, reconfiguration and dismantle
  • Certified IFC Drawings
  • Material availability
Ross McCall
Director of Land Engineering

Land Engineering are indebted to PERI for supplying the formwork that allowed us to work to the best of our ability and fulfil our clients’ needs. By using this formwork, we completed the project on time and on the budget.

Land Engineering will continue to use PERI Formwork on all projects moving forward 
as we are confident they supply the best in the business.

PERI solution

  • The large multi-cell 5.3 meter high walls poured using PERI TRIO.
  • Walls thickness 450mm 

PERI systems in use