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Victorian Desalination Project

Project data

Location: Dalyston, Australia

The latest technology reverse osmosis desalination processes to supply 150 billion litres of water a year to Melbourne, Geelong and some regional communities. That's enough fresh water for about one third of Melbourne's household. 


  • A best possible construction method particularly for the Pump Station (the largest single structure)
  • Tight construction timetable
  • Ambitious formwork applications  
  • 10.2m or even 12m pours
  • Construction of the tallest walls (20m) in just two pours


Thiess Degrémont Joint Venture

Benefit to customer

  • Clear complete solution for The desalination project
  • Very manageable on-site material requirements

PERI solution

  • Using PERI TRIO to minimise construction joints whilst at the same time trying to do the largest pours practical 
  • For the Pump Station, 10.2m or even 12m pours were not an issue for PERI -with 80kPa pouring pressures (when using 20mm tie rod), and 14m long props to stand and prop the formwork, all part of the standard applications that PERI offer-the major challenge was the second 10m pour.
  • PERI's SB brace frame was rotated 90 degrees and used horizontally to create a platform over 6.1 m off the ground.
  • The platform was designed so that it was able to support the load resulting from the propping and the dead weight of the formwork, while also providing a reliable and stable support for the construction materials and personnel.