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Adelaide Oval Redevelopment

Project data

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Duration: Total project duration of 2 years including installation of roof structure.

Material: Falsework 820t, Formwork 460t, 2540m² of Trio formwork


  • Tight project schedule 
  • Delivery of enormous amounts of formwork
  • Detailed design of radial elements
  • Scheduling for maximum reuse of material on site


  • Formworker: Wideform Pty Ltd
  • Client: Lend Lease for Dept. of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure, South Australia

Benefit to customer

  • On-schedule supply of large quantities of formwork and scaffolding system
  • High quality standard

PERI solution

During the 12 month stadium construction period PERI supplied almost 1300 tonnes of material, including:

  • 820 tonnes of Rosett falsework and scaffold
  • 247 tonnes of Trio formwork (2540m²)
  • 213 tonnes RCS and CB climbing platforms for the 6 complexed radial shaped access cores