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Tips for the cleaning and maintenance of formwork panels

Correct treatment and cleaning will extend the life cycle of concrete formwork panels. Our concise tips will show you how to best treat your PERI formwork panels to be able to reuse them as often as possible.


Seal edges and holes

Coated PERI plywood is supplied with all four edges painted for protection and to reduce moisture penetration. Make sure to restore the protection after cutting or drilling panels:

  • Fill any gaps between the veneers with putty and seal the edges afterwards.
  • Pilot tie-rod holes before drilling.
  • Paint unprotected edges and drill holes at least once with an edge sealant. Contact your local paint supplier for an appropriate enamel or acrylic edge sealant.

Oil panels before use

Oil the panels before each use. For best results, use a high-quality and biodegradable release agent like PERI Bio Clean.

For minimal damage to the panel surface, support should be fastened to the panel from the back.

Further tips:

  • Use suitable fasteners for the retaining of recess units and built-in parts to reduce the damage to the formlining. 
  • Avoid walking on the formlining surface. Soil on the sole of the shoes might lead to scratches on the formlining, and this might show on the concrete surface.
  • Spacers for reinforcement should be used with large supports. This helps to avoid indentations on the formlining in case of loads.

After use

Clean panels after use

  • Clean the plywood panels immediately after use.
  • To avoid damage to the surface, use plastic or nylon tools.
  • Use soapy water to degrease the surface before applying release agent again.
  • Repair small scratches with a suitable mastic.
  • Fill any holes or scratches with mastic or epoxy filler.

Storage and Transport

Protect from weather

  • Protect the panels from contact with water and direct sunlight.
  • Store on levelled ground to avoid deflection.
  • Do not move the pallet after removing the strapping.