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PERI Flexible work scaffold along with comprehensive protection solutions allows for quick cycle times and safe working conditions

Jul 16, 2015

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Jul 16, 2015
North Sydney, Australia
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177 Pacific Hwy, North Sydney, Australia

PERI AUS has been awarded a 34 storey commercial office building, which will redefine the North Sydney CBD skyline. 177 Pacific Highway project is being built by Leighton properties in the corner of Pacific Highway and Berry Street, approximately 3 km north of the Sydney CBD.

PERI’s LPS screen and PERI UP Rosett scaffold systems were selected for this project. It was particularly challenging due to the high strutting floors, e.g. Slab stops at level 12 and starts again at level 18; meaning the Rosett had to be constructed as both scaffold edge protection as well as shoring for L18 slab. This was also a challenge for the LPS screens as they had to be held back and then jumped up once L18 and 19 were poured.

The Rosett allowed the client to construct the high strutting slabs easily & safely, the system allowed them to incorporate the formwork shoring with full catch decks and stair access as well as providing perimeter edge protection along the Pacific Hwy.

The LPS screens once installed then provided edge protection from L3 onwards along the rear of the building and from L7 onwards along the Pacific Hwy / Berry St. The client was able to pre-assemble the LPS screens in PERI’s yard and deliver them to site ready for installation. Typical screens are 14m in height x 3m wide and are being climbed hydraulically. Rail-guided climbing ensures fast and safe climbing of all 45 PERI LPS screens in 2 days – (on average).