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SugarTree 3

Project data

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

SugarTree 3 is the third stage of an apartment development in central Auckland, NZ. It is known as Altro.

  • 14 level apartment block with a rooftop garden area.
  • 2 in-situ cores
  • Slab footprint approx 1500 sq.m
  • Insitu internal shear walls
  • Approx 16 months duration


  • 90% slabs in-situ
  • Two in-situ cores
  • Internal shear walls in-situ
  • 1 tower crane only on site.
  • Limited lay-down area for pre-cast elements meant that the contractor wanted to maximise the in-situ concrete works.


Harbour Concrete Constructions

Benefit to customer

  • Limited tower crane time meant manual moving of DUO was a big benefit.
  • Hydraulic climbing of RCS reduced crane time requirement.
Justin Savage
Director Harbour Group

PERI helped our company to meet the programme requirements for this project.
The project required a wide variety of shoring, propping, scaffolding, suspended slab pours, shear wall pours and lift core pours. These were all designed and supplied by PERI.
The support provided by PERI to our on-site team was greatly appreciated.

PERI solution

  • ST100 plus PERI UP Rosett combination allowed support of edge beams plus personnel access.