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Sentinel Apartments

Project data

Location: Takapuna, New Zealand

It has provided the city skyline with a chic cosmopolitan structure, successfully received as one of the most luxurious residential apartment towers in New Zealand. In keeping with New Zealand’s cultural heritage the building contains a number of motifs, from the square theme seen in the glass facade proportions and in smaller details, to a woven flax basket hinted at in the latticework of the facade.

Due to poor ground conditions, Brookfield Multiplex laid the piles for the foundation 40 metres below the basement level. The tower levels 4 to 33 have been created from in-situ concrete with a structural steel flooring system and in-situ slab topping. The facade consists of an external painted concrete frame.

  • The 33 storey 


  • Main core:12m x 12m with an internal lift core and separate shear wall
  • Perimeter: 25m x 25m
  • The system should be able to climb as one complete section or in halves or quarters depending on the site requirements
  • The latest technology was required to complete it on target 


Harris Dowd Construction Ltd

Benefit to customer

  • Complete system climbs in one operation
  • Safe and comfortable working conditions
  • PERI systems set a new benchmark in New Zealand
  • Main Core- The ACS-R system reduced the tower crane requirements on site to one for the main building. The concrete placing boom was lifted with the main core formwork and was used for all concrete placing on the main building.The enclosed arrangement gave great protection for the formwork,steel fixing and concreting crews from the summer and winter weather conditions.
  • Perimeter- ACS Special. This custom design provided a safe,fast system with integrated perimeter screen and formwork system  eliminating the need for perimeter scaffolding or screens. The customised articulated beam formwork was fully adjustable to allow simple and easy erection and alignment.
sentinel statement
James Sherriff
Project Manager

We were happy to support our formwork contractor’s choice of the PERI system and have not been dissapointed.This large project meant that the latest technology was required to complete it on target and think that this system will set a new benchmark in New Zealand.

Michael Harris
Formwork Manager

The detailed design provided by the PERI support team allowed for easy installation and alteration of the formwork as the dimensions changed from the basement to the higher levels. We will be using the ACS system again as there are numerous benefits on these types of projects.

Graham Dowd
Formwork Manager

The local PERI sales engineer provided terrific support for this major project resulting in a cost- effective and very user friendly system which allowed us to stay on schedule.The ACS system meant that we were independent of the tower crane which was a great advantage.

PERI solution

  • ACS-R / Vario system complete with concrete placing boom support for core
  • ACS/ Special with PEP props for perimeter and back-propping
  • TRIO column for podium columns
  • Special ACS system providing custom designed hinged beam forms and 3 levels of platforms for remedial work,painting and installation of external componentry as well as providing protection in a very windy location.