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New Central Library

Project data

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

  • The iconic Christchurch central library opened October 12th 2018
  •  The main library of Christchurch City Libraries, New Zealand
  • The largest library in the South Island and the third-biggest in New Zealand.


  • Erecting towers for mid-span support, edge form support and in-situ section
  • Tight site footprint and rapid program
  • Adapting to the various in situ section in a challenging building


Southbase Construction and Southern Lakes Scaffolding

Benefit to customer

  • Fast erection time with less weight
  • STR 100 can attached scaffold planks to allow safe rigging during erection
  • Versatility of one style of propping tower using only 4 components
  • High rated propping tower requiring less equipment
  • Less components versatile on a site with restricted storage room
Gordon McGregor
Project Manager

On the New Central Library project the pace of our programme and build methodology has been greatly enhanced by the usage of the PERI STR100 propping. This is also combined with fantastic and efficient service from the Christchurch PERI team.

PERI solution

  • Using STR 100 propping system extensively in supporting the flooring systems and adapting to the various in-situ section in a challenging building.
  • STR 100 towers being rosett based, were able to have access platform built right off them saving on equipment
  • Using PERI-UP Flex for some tight access requirements on site. 
  • Southern Lakes Scaffoldings expertise in propping allowed them to solve design problems on the fly using STR 100.