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177 Pacific Highway

Project data

Location: North Sydney, Australia

  • 34 storey commercial office building
  • Construction by Leighton properties in the corner of Pacific Highway and Berry Street, approximately 3 km north of the Sydney CBD


  • High strutting cantilever slabs at L18 and 21
  • Challenging project due to the high strutting floors, e.g. Slab stops at level 12 and starts again at level 18
  • Highest safety requirements



BKH Group

Benefit to customer

  • Construct the high strutting slabs easily & safely
  • Incorporate the formwork shoring with full catch decks and stair access as well as providing perimeter edge protection along the Pacific Hwy
  • The client was able to pre-assemble the LPS screens in PERI’s yard and deliver them to site ready for installation. 
  • The LPS screens once installed then provided edge protection from L3 onwards along the rear of the building and from L7 onwards along the Pacific Hwy / Berry St. 
  • Rail-guided climbing ensures fast and safe climbing of all 45 PERI LPS screens in 2 days – (on average).
Ben Geisker

In collaboration with Leighton, BKH Group and PERI Australia we were able to develop a system which suited our requirements. We engaged PERI close to 6 months prior to winning the project and with their engineering support and site team we were able to successfully deliver a safe and economical solution to complete this unique and challenging structure. We look forward to the next project.

PERI solution

  • PERI UP Rosett as a flexible work scaffold along with LPS screen as comprehensive protection solutions were selected for this project
  • The Rosett had to be constructed as both scaffold edge protection as well as shoring for L18 slab.
  • This was also a challenge for the LPS screens as they had to be held back and then jumped up once L18 and 19 were poured
  • Typical screens are 14m in height x 3m wide and are being climbed hydraulically