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Elizabeth Quay – Island Walls

Project data

Location: Perth, Australia

The $2.6billion Elizabeth Quay project is a plan to revitalise the city by reconnecting the city centre with the Swan River. A focal point of the project is a man-made island surrounded by a newly constructed inlet, and a key component of the island is a series of curved, sometimes also inclined, coloured concrete architechtural feature walls.

  • Total height; 3.3m
  • Construction Period: 6 months


  • Series of curved, sometimes also inclined, coloured concrete architectural feature walls
  • The culmination of the works was Wall 19 – a complex wall that tightly folded back on itself a number of times, and was also inclined for a significant part of its length
  • The variable multiple radii
  • Unique layout geometry
  • Tight timeline
  • No fixed radii curves


Fremantle Constructions P/L

Benefit to customer

  • Few elements requirements
  • Easily adjustable panels
  • Reducing the material and labour-costs
  • Simple forming process and fast concreting
  • Decreasing the construction time compared to conventional circular formwork options 
Tony Tanna
Engineering Manager

With PERI formwork solutions we were able to achieve a successful outcome for what was a very challenging project - technically, geometrically and with significant time and working constraints

PERI solution

  • RUNDFLEX was the wall formwork system chosen for the bulk of the work, but due to the no fixed radii curves anywhere in the project, templates had to be created for each and every use, and as a consequence, accurate panel placement was vital. 
  • PERI engineers designed 35 pre-assembled standard RUNDFLEX panels in total with radius of 2.5m upwards, which could be adjusted to continuously changing radii.
  • In order to conform to the unique shapes, designs using up to three PERI formwork systems were sometimes required; TRIO, RUNDFLEX and VARIO with gusset plywood.
  • VARIO formwork would provide the basic alignment, with plywood gussets fixed to it to provide the final intricate shape for the wall 19.
  • SB Brace Frames offered single-sided support to the VARIO formwork in areas where ties could not be used.
  • Providing the 3D modelling – CAD template files to the client who used an off-site joinery to fabricate the various modules, which were then transported to site and mounted to the VARIO panels before installation.