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NX2 Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi to Warkworth

Project data

Location: Warkworth, New Zealand

A total of 6 bridges and viaducts were constructed while accommodating hilly topography.


The overall requirements were for a fast, safe and high concrete finish solution.

Both the Okahu and Puhoi piers were very close to the Puhoi River. This meant that all loads from the headstocks were to be transferred only onto the pile caps.

One of the biggest challenges on this project was both the in-situ headstocks at 3.5m tall and the concrete cantilevers being up to 8.2m.

Further to this the customer required that the entire headstock solution could be split up into sections allowing it to be moved with ease from pier to pier while keeping pace with the site programme.

A conventional shoring solution was also added to speed up the programme.


Northern Express Group

Benefit to customer

  • Fully rentable solution
  • 2 days installation cycle for trusses and shoring
  • Dedicated on-site suport by experienced PERI product specialist
Ana Cuervo Gonzalez
Structures Project Engineer

This is the first time that I worked with PERI and I am quite sure on following projects we are going to keep using PERI. The support is amazing.

PERI solution

PERI designed a solution that comprised of fully rentable systems which were assembled under supervision by experienced product specialists. In the first step the pile caps were formed with the TRIO wall panel system while flexible VARIO walling and RCS rail climbing was used for the pier columns. Two alternative solutions were offered for the headstocks as different ground conditions had to be accommodated. For close to the river bed locations, a custom VARIOKIT truss was used that rested on ALPHAKIT shoring towers. The latter were set up without much crane support as all indiviudal members can be man-handled. This entire solution could be split up into a few pieces allowing the client to move them in a matter of a few days from one pier to the next. Piers that were farther away from the river bed were constructed with the help of modular PERI UP shoring which scaffolding crews were able to assemble very quick.