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RUNDFLEX Circular Wall Formwork


The RUNDFLEX wall formwork provides pre-assembled standard panels for curved walls. These can be quickly adjusted to suit the required radius and without any modification work on the panel. Therefore, RUNDFLEX is especially effective for realizing structures such as wastewater treatment plants, spiral ramps for multi-storey parking facilities or silos where radii are constantly changing.

Less installation effort
with pre-assembled units and the proven BFD Alignment Coupler

Fast adjustment
through a simple adjustment procedure by means of a template and spindles with self-cleaning hexagonal threads

Especially variable
through the flexible adjustment of wall internal radii of 1.00 m and larger

Technical Details

  • Pre-assembled panels
  • Maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure 60 kN/m²
  • 6 panel heights (0.60 m / 1.20 m / 1.80 m / 2.40 m / 3.00 m / 3.60 m) and 3 panel widths (external: 2.50 m / 1.28 m / 0.85 m)
  • Radii can be quickly adjusted by means of spindles and a template
  • Panel connections and compensations up to 10 cm with the BFD alignment coupler
  • Pre-determined tie points
  • Horizontal extensions up to 7.80 m panel heights
  • Components available for working and concreting scaffold as well as for providing support

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Peter O'Grady
Project Manager

PERI, as a system, in my opinion, was the best option for this project. From the product itself through to the drawing design, sales team and competitive rates, they were a pleasure to work with.

The proprietary SK tie system along with the decreased number of tie points on the Maximo form system meant there was less potential for leaks and thus limiting Monford Groups liability for reworks.
All different PERI systems used on the project works effortlessly together reducing the need for conventional make-up pieces and it was easy to switch from one system to the other. The RUNDFLEX system makes curves consistent and without imperfections.

I would highly recommend the entire PERI range of products as being user-friendly, quick to assemble and value for money and will continue to use PERI for future projects.

Project report