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GRIDFLEX Grid Element Slab Formwork


The lightweight GRIDFLEX Slab Formwork is used for constructing residential and multi-storey buildings. Slab thicknesses up to 33 cm can be realized with the formwork. In order to concrete slabs up to 67 cm thick, the panels have to be additionally supported in the centre. The standard panel weighs only 20 kg and is swivelled upwards from the assembly area by means of the shuttering aid. Slab props are subsequently hooked in and vertically aligned. On the now accessible girder grid, the formlining of choice can be installed. The recurring systematic assembly sequence ensures fast working operations.

Safe shuttering procedure
by swivelling the panels upwards with site personnel positioned on the slab below

Simple working operations
through a systematic assembly sequence with only one standard and two compensation panels

Filler areas are quickly closed
through a simple change of direction of the panels along with the use of transverse and longitudinal infills

Technical Details

  • Slab formwork with accessible aluminium girder grid for formlining of choice
  • For slab thicknesses up to 33 cm, or with additional middle support of the element up to 67 cm
  • Lightweight components – the standard element weighs only 20 kg
  • Only 2 system components required for each standard field (Prophead and GRIDFLEX Standard Element)
  • Optimized for PEP / PEP Ergo Slab Props, only 0.5 props per m² of slab surface (slab thickness d = 33 cm)
  • Through the change in the forming direction, filler areas are reduced to a minimum
  • Closing of filler areas with only 2 different filler elements
  • Systematic assembly sequence
  • Simple, swivelled upwards from below guardrail solution for the slab edges
Peter O'Grady
Project Manager

PERI, as a system, in my opinion, was the best option for this project. From the product itself through to the drawing design, sales team and competitive rates, they were a pleasure to work with.

The proprietary SK tie system along with the decreased number of tie points on the Maximo form system meant there was less potential for leaks and thus limiting Monford Groups liability for reworks.
All different PERI systems used on the project works effortlessly together reducing the need for conventional make-up pieces and it was easy to switch from one system to the other. The RUNDFLEX system makes curves consistent and without imperfections.

I would highly recommend the entire PERI range of products as being user-friendly, quick to assemble and value for money and will continue to use PERI for future projects.

Project report