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Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
PERI Group

We assume social responsibility

PERI is a globally active family business. As such, we bear responsibility towards our customers, employees, investors and the public. This social responsibility includes complying with applicable laws, respecting basic ethical values and acting sustainably at all times and in all places.

Everyone at PERI has to accept this responsibility, the management as well as the executives and every single employee. The Code of Conduct should help everyone to fulfil this responsibility and provides binding guidelines. It is fully supported by the shareholders of the company. All employees are therefore expected to familiarize themselves with the contents of the Code of Conduct and to comply with it in their daily work.

At PERI, we do not tolerate any form of bribery, corruption, cartel agreements, discrimination or any other form of violation of the law, our values and the basic rules laid down in this Code of Conduct. Should a violation nevertheless occur, it will be prosecuted and punished with the utmost consistency.

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Table of Content

Social Responsibility

  • Human rights
  • Equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination
  • Donations, Sponsorship and Charity
  • Lobbying
  • Environmental Protection
  • Product Safety
  • Safety at the WorkplaceMenschenrechte
  • Transparente Geschäftsbeziehungen

Transparent Business Relationships

  • Conflict of Interests
  • Gifts, Hospitality and Invitations
  • Prohibition of Corruption
  • State as a Customer and Dealing with Authorities
  • Consultant and Agents

Fair Competitor

  • Fair Competition
  • Fair Procurement
  • Export Control
  • Prohibition of Money Laundering
  • Capital Market

Data, Professional Secrets and Business Assets

  • Protection of Privacy
  • Protection of Know-how, Patents, Trade and Business Secrets
  • IT Security
  • Corporate Wealth Management
  • Communication and Advertising
  • Use of Social Media and Internet Forums